Marquette in Autumn

March 8, 2010

I stand by my statement that Milwaukee IS beautiful, if you know where to look. It gets clouded in the frigid winter months, when you can’t see past the gray slush covering the streets and sidewalks, but it’s still there.
I keep myself optimistic by looking back at photos from a warmer time 🙂

Photo Credit: Emily Tau

I got out of class one afternoon to find the ground completely covered with leaves and the sun shining perfectly. I immediately RAN to my apartment to grab my camera before I lost the light.

Photo Credit: Emily Tau

Marquette University is gorgeous year round. It’s just easier to see when the sky is essentially cloudless and the sun is shining.

So next time all you can see is this…

Getty Images

Close your eyes and imagine this:

Photo Credit: Emily Tau


3 Responses to “Marquette in Autumn”

  1. llmarie said

    Great pics Emily! As I am walking to class in the freezing cold I always try to imagine the summer time. Nothing is better than when everybody from Marquette is out playing frisbee and enjoying the fresh air!

  2. kseverny said

    such warm and vibrant pics

  3. Emily, I love your pictures! You are a very talented photographer, and you use lighting very well. Fall is by far my favorite time at Marquette. Do you have any pictures of the red trees in the middle of Wisconsin? It always makes me happy when they start to change colors.

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