I’ll be the first to admit that I’m not a huge romantic. My friends actually make fun of my cynicism at times.

I also know that I tend to be drawn to landscape photos. Capturing nature is one of my favorite things. Catching the sun at just the right angle or seeing buildings from a different perspective…that’s what my heart is drawn to.

However, I recently came across the website for Reminisce Photography.  I found them because a friend of mine and her fiance used them for their engagement photos. I was looking at their blog to see a sample of the engagement photos and ended up spending a couple of hours browsing all the engagement and wedding photos…which is completely out of character for me. But photos like this just get to me:

Photo Credit: Reminisce Photography

Beautifully shot. Really captures the emotion of the day. And it’s not your “typical” wedding photo.

Miranda and Adam, the owners and artists behind Reminisce Photography, are a husband and wife based out of Milwaukee, WI.  From browsing their work, it seems that they really understand the subjects they are shooting. Every couple has a different feel to the photos that seem to capture the personalities.

One of my favorite posts on their blog featured the “Best of 2009” photos and allowed viewers to vote on their favorites. One of my friend’s engagement photos was chosen (and won 2nd place!).

Photo Credit: Reminisce Photography

Honestly, if you have a moment and are feeling a bit romantic or sentimental, stop over to their site. Their work is beautiful and very creative.

Who knows, if (and that is a BIG if) I ever get married…I just might choose Adam and Miranda as my wedding photographers!


Marquette in Autumn

March 8, 2010

I stand by my statement that Milwaukee IS beautiful, if you know where to look. It gets clouded in the frigid winter months, when you can’t see past the gray slush covering the streets and sidewalks, but it’s still there.
I keep myself optimistic by looking back at photos from a warmer time 🙂

Photo Credit: Emily Tau

I got out of class one afternoon to find the ground completely covered with leaves and the sun shining perfectly. I immediately RAN to my apartment to grab my camera before I lost the light.

Photo Credit: Emily Tau

Marquette University is gorgeous year round. It’s just easier to see when the sky is essentially cloudless and the sun is shining.

So next time all you can see is this…

Getty Images

Close your eyes and imagine this:

Photo Credit: Emily Tau