Milwaukee at Midnight

February 23, 2010

Photo Credit - Emily Tau

Over the summer, Casey and I went on a photo mission on our walk back to campus from Bastille Days. Our walk ended up taking over two hours because we stopped every five feet to take photos.

For those who think Milwaukee is only about beer, brats, and baseball…take a walk through Milwaukee in the summer. It’s beautiful.

Photo Credit - Emily Tau

We snuck (legally, we hope!) into the Wisconsin Club and got some beautiful shots. The Wisconsin Club building is gorgeous, but when it is lit up at night, it’s stunning.

Photo Credit - Emily Tau


5 Responses to “Milwaukee at Midnight”

  1. llmarie said

    Great photos, they really capture the beauty of this city!

  2. These are beautiful shots! I really like the artistic edge, the different perspectives, and I’m assuming you slowed the shutter for the fountain shot?

    Each picture has its own character which is fabulous! They all speak differently, for instance the last one looks forbidding and daunting. Maybe that’s just me, but great job!!

  3. Megan said

    Great photos! The picture of the fountain is beautiful.

    You’re so right about the Wisconsin Club. It was great when I lived at Straz and could look out over the Wisconsin Club every night.

  4. robinhanke said

    Those are some beautiful photos of MKE!

    Sometimes it is hard to see the beauty in Milwaukee during winter, so thanks for the uplifting pictures!

  5. Hi Emily,
    I love the photo of the fountain. The scene looks so beautiful and inviting – I can almost imagine myself sitting on the ledge listening to the sound of the water. πŸ™‚ Great work!

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