Photog P.I.C.

February 15, 2010

Meet Casey Lembke. He is my photog partner in crime.

This photo was taken on one of our photo days…where we explore Milwaukee and capture its beauty. We were taking a break at Mocha to visit our friend Ellen as she did the barista thing.

Casey is an amazing photographer and inspires me when we go out together because he finds beauty in things that I would never see.  Someday I will convince him to put all his photos online and share them with the world, but until then, keep checking his flickr (and check out his older pictures) for an update.


One Response to “Photog P.I.C.”

  1. ntcirone said

    This is awesome! My friends and I always talk about how we need to go around Milwaukee and capture it’s beauty before we graduate, and with only three months left, we still haven’t! Thanks for reminding me and encouraging me to get out and actually do it! I love how much beauty a single picture can capture and am so excited to follow your blog!!

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