Milwaukee at Midnight

February 23, 2010

Photo Credit - Emily Tau

Over the summer, Casey and I went on a photo mission on our walk back to campus from Bastille Days. Our walk ended up taking over two hours because we stopped every five feet to take photos.

For those who think Milwaukee is only about beer, brats, and baseball…take a walk through Milwaukee in the summer. It’s beautiful.

Photo Credit - Emily Tau

We snuck (legally, we hope!) into the Wisconsin Club and got some beautiful shots. The Wisconsin Club building is gorgeous, but when it is lit up at night, it’s stunning.

Photo Credit - Emily Tau



February 19, 2010

Photo credit: Justin Kern -

A few months ago I stumbled upon The Windy Pixel when I was searching for photography inspiration.  I was instantly hooked by the beautiful photos and spent a couple hours browsing through their site. To this day, it is one of my favorite photography blogs.

Photo Credit: Mike Boehmer

tWp is run by two photographers, Justin Kern and Mike Boehmer.  They focus primarily on photos of Chicago (which is why I was originally drawn in…), and they take “High Dynamic Range” (or HDR) photos.

I highly suggest taking a minute and browsing their blog.  They’re both incredibly talented photographers who truly capture the beauty of Chicago.  (They venture outside Chicago and get some amazing nature shots too!).

Photo Credit: Justin Kern -

Photog P.I.C.

February 15, 2010

Meet Casey Lembke. He is my photog partner in crime.

This photo was taken on one of our photo days…where we explore Milwaukee and capture its beauty. We were taking a break at Mocha to visit our friend Ellen as she did the barista thing.

Casey is an amazing photographer and inspires me when we go out together because he finds beauty in things that I would never see.  Someday I will convince him to put all his photos online and share them with the world, but until then, keep checking his flickr (and check out his older pictures) for an update.

Every Photo Tells a Story

February 15, 2010

Given the chance to showcase your own photography and pay homage to photos and photographers you admire, what would you come up with?